The Hart label is fueled by its founder Hart Huguet Hagerty’s passion for the magical, old-world exoticism across Asia and deep-rooted bohemian sophistication of her hometown Charleston, SC.  The brand seeks to blend both worlds with unique designs celebrating the handmade over mass-produced, the iconoclastic over trendy.

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Hart jackets and vests feature exceptional Asian textiles and embroideries, each possessing a unique history and electric soul. Slip one on, and it’s impossible not to feel the creative energy once woven into the fabric. Hart hopes that spark will inspire & embolden your own creative spirit. 

Hart creations are limited-edition, wearable works of art made to last. These modern heirlooms ― and the positive legacy you create while wearing them ― are intended to be passed to the next generation.



 Our tassel earrings are specially-dyed and handmade in the brand’s birthplace, Shanghai. We created custom colors to capture the city’s vibrant collision of past & future, east & west — from peonies in porcelain vases, elegant Art Deco interiors, futuristic city pinup girls in 1930s cigarette ads.


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