Ultra lightweight & luxe tassels make the ultimate everyday statement earrings. When adorned, some magic happens...


Long enamored with the free-spirited, rock’n’roll vibe of summer music festivals, Hart wanted to create earrings which exude bright bohemia... yet remain chic for daily wear. So she daydreamed about how Parisian style icon, Jane Birkin, would have dressed at Coachella. The result are playful earrings that are perfect summer concerts, beach parties ... or brunch back in the city.


Hart created custom colors to capture the city’s vibrant collision of past & future, east & west — from peonies in porcelain vases, elegant Art Deco interiors, futuristic city lights to pinup girls in 1930s cigarette ads.


Hart jackets and vests feature exceptional Asian textiles and embroideries. They are limited-edition, wearable works of art made to last. These modern heirlooms ― and the positive legacy you create while wearing them ― are intended to be passed to the next generation.


Hart designed these earrings with a vision of David Bowie waltzing into a  party in a beautiful South of Broad home in Charleston. Starts off sweet, ends with rock'n'roll magic.